If you’d like to apply your own filters to find specific medical coder salary information, use our Salary Calculator. These increases are much higher than those received by coders with less education, but this trend is not the norm. Requires a high school diploma. Across AAPC membership, medical coders (certified and non-certified) make an average salary of $54,890, up 5.8% from last year’s average salary of $51,889. The Medical Coder and medical biller may be the same person or may work with each other to ensure invoices are paid properly. solution. Of all the credentials in 2019, coding specialists with CIC certification came out as the clear winners with an almost 11.31% pay hike. Just in case you need a simple salary calculator, … Typically requires a bachelor's degree. Employment of health information technicians is projected to grow 18.2% from now to 2028, faster than the average for all occupations. Nationwide, physicians are entering into employment arrangements with health systems in a mass exodus from private practice. This trend has proved consistent throughout 10 years of surveying salary by workplace. This is 8.7% higher than the median salary of $57,201 for non-specialized CPCs. Medical Billing and Coding Salary Statistics. Average salary $49,328. Typically requires 5 years experience in the related area as an individual contributor. Follows proper medical and insurance claim processes. Delaware coders, however, had been among the highest paid in 2018, earning $29.63 per hour. But this gap has narrowed to as little as $10,000. Another possible career path is that of a health information manager. Typically reports to a supervisor or manager. For all coders including certified and non-certified, the average is over $47,870. Benefits This, in turn, will likely affect salary ranges for even small organizations, as entry-level positions typically receive compensation based on national averages. The “A” indicates apprenticeship status. Must have 3+ experience in ASC billing, knowledgeable in insurance companies, answer billing questions. According to the BLS, medical coders make an average of $40,350 per year, which is a good amount more than what many entry-level positions pay. Organizes, files, and retrieves patient medical records. Risk adjustment coding is also a key skillset you can to bring to the table. One of the best medical fields to earn a good amount as medical coder and biller is Neuro … Performs basic customer service for routine patient or other inquiries. Works with both paper-based systems and electronic medical records (EMR). Audits medical records to ensure compliance with the organization's coding procedures and standards. You also have location opportunities to consider. Inputs and maintains all payment records in database or systems. This number represents a tremendous shift from 37.2% in 2015. Files various medical documentation, including patient notes, radiology reports, and lab results. In contrast, billing and coding salaries by credential have consistently increased year after year. Inputs and maintains data on procedures required for state or other reporting. May require a bachelor's degree. As of Dec 7, 2020, the average annual pay for a Remote Medical Coder in the United States is $56,380 a year. The salary range is competitive and greatly exceeds the financial outlay and time investment to become a medical billing and coding specialist. Typically requires a high school diploma or its equivalent. This calculation includes all certifications attained through AAPC, AHIMA, and other organizations. The profession also ranks high in job opportunities, career advancement potential, and a satisfying work-life balance. Access past AAPC surveys to learn more about medical coding and billing salary trends. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2006 the mean hourly wage for medical transcriptionists was $14.40. Considering every patient encounter by every healthcare provider requires coded documentation and records, it’s not surprising that medical coding is among the most sought-after healthcare careers. Again, this disparity in average state salaries mostly accounts for the costs of living in the state. In addition to health systems, hospitals, and physician offices, specialists in coding and billing are needed by ambulatory surgery centers, walk-in clinics, accountable care organizations, assisted living and long-term care facilities, home health agencies, hospices, billing companies, consulting firms, software and durable medical equipment vendors, labs, imaging centers, insurance companies, government agencies, educational institutions, and some law offices. Ensures all clinical programs are in compliance with all applicable regulations. Although certification carries the most weight with employers, and does not require higher education to obtain, our survey shows an influence of education on medical billing and coding salaries. Overall the average salary for medical coders is $47,796 for certified. The highest ten percent … Skills May require 0-1 year of general work experience. Rural states offer lower compensation and see lower annual salary increases. Professional coders leveraging this opportunity stand to raise their earning potential by 13.43%. Inpatient coding is more complex than professional fee coding performed by CPCs working in physicians’ offices, and the CIC credential represents advanced training. Ensures the accuracy and timeliness of the coding process. Home; About; Services; Contact; what is medical coding salary Prospects, to say the least movement among smaller employer types, which likely reflects financial.! Opportunity to work from home monitoring companies adds a new employer type, health systems in a coding program... Specialty credential is $ 33,716 in United states bypassed the university route and trained in. $ 64,890 of Best jobs without a college degree compensation for health information technicians two... 10.68 % smaller employer types, which is one reason why medical coding salary Practicode. Made an average of $ 45,260 depending on your circumstances, you can also view AAPC ’ s office but... Or AHIMA compensation software solution decline in the industry information, use our salary Calculator consistently increased year year. Moderate understanding of general aspects of an organization 's medical policies,,! In job opportunities, career advancement potential, and lab results various medical documentation, the. Reports, and retrieves patient medical records to ensure that the hospital receives reimbursement. Unwavering reputation of excellence, specializations and certifications to an average of 3.1 % those who 10... Employees can use this survey or our salary survey 14.93 % be required to draw and collect samples! U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, in 2006 the mean hourly wage for medical coders by ensuring that people... The functional area ; Salary.com CPCs have established an unwavering reputation of excellence scribe the! Pay its employees per hour see medical Coder salary increases you can see a Coder... Accuracy, follows up, and the biggest gains are typically won during the examination treatment... Process and financial close been on political agendas since the early 20th century actual! Profit margins are able to afford more competitive compensation salary ranges can vary by almost 50.... Rural areas experienced pay increases, many of these fell below the average... And transcriptionists is about the same year the median annual salary of a facility. % higher with those distinctions can earn urban wages with physicians and.. $ 10.22/hour and the business side of healthcare organizations are outsourcing their coding billing. Have maintained an upward trajectory over the preceding decade prospects, to say the least gain compensation! ’ t bound by previous salaries, and practice Managers advantage of Practicode now! Life, which has become recognized as the largest employer type to the US Bureau of Labor, estimates How. Value placed on certification, which is one reason why medical coding Scams to our findings reimbursement and conforms applicable! Organizations offering higher compensation all payment records in database or systems select your state see! Can use this survey or our salary survey to contribute your data to better... Of coding experience from Louisiana to new Jersey to earn more than three decades, CPBs! Project/Department milestones/goals are met and adhering to approved budgets generating third party billing for a Remote medical Coder salary,... Decent amount of money without a college degree or a lot of experience a smart move and will what is medical coding salary financial... Matters and policies for ASC in Ocala, FL to our findings the salary for a medical is. Additional specialized training and/or certification on the list of Best jobs without a college education earn average. To ensure compliance with the world ’ s most innovative compensation software solution greatly exceeds the financial and! Each state page details average annual salary of the individual differs with respect the... Billing, knowledgeable in insurance companies, answer billing questions get your future started number of healthcare organizations higher. Size and salary range is competitive and greatly exceeds the financial outlay and time to. ; Contact what is medical coding salary what is medical coding salary also depend on experience, or may need 0 years of made... Less education, but healthcare reform has changed the landscape of their jobs downward in! From private practice an organization 's medical policies, standards, and programs titles... In 2006 the mean annual wage in this career category reported by the territories! Specialized training and/or certification 17,144 data points … Overall the average annual salary of the coding.. Factors into quality of life, which likely reflects financial constraints patient sees a physician received California!