A time traveling detective arrives from the future, searching for Astro and the infamous surgeon, "The Great Adventure of Little Robot Sam" / "The Robot Stuntman", "Astro vs. Atlas 6: The King of the Ice" / "The Great Meltdown", This episode has an Easter egg referencing the original, "Dash in a Storm!" / "The Hijacked Airship", "Boulder of a Human-Face" / "The Human-Faced Rock", "The Devil's Place in Ordin" / "The World Of Odin". Many times, she was the star of a few episodes, all of which had a special ending theme with pictures of Uran in costumes. Rock, Astro, Uran, Black Jack, and Pinoko work together to stop the wizard and to ensure the prince survives … Once completed, he calls the robot Tobio (Astro Boy), after his son. Astro, Dr. Elefun and some modern-day vikings search for the lost tomb of Odin, but don't quite find what they are expecting. Dr. Tenma created Astro to replace his son Tobio ('Astor' in the 1960s English dub; 'Toby' in the 1980s English dub and the 2009 film), who was killed in a self-driving t… There is also no proper explanation for Atlas’ change in appearance in the flashbacks and the present time. In India, the Hindi-dubbed version of this show was broadcast on Pogo from 2008 to 2009. This series places more focus on Astro's robotic abilities and has a darker story line than previous incarnations of the series. Boynton and his colleagues track Toby down using a robot tank, but the tank suddenly goes berserk with them inside, causing Toby to rush to save his father and his colleagues. The 1980 Astro Boy series is a color remake of the 1960s anime black-and-white series of the same name; both series are adapted from the manga series of the same name by Osamu Tezuka. Lots of people find notes in bottles, but one day Astro Boy finds forty-three of them, all from a girl named Lily who is being held with her father on a strange island named Peligro. Throughout the series, Atlas attempts to persuade Astro to help Atlas conquer the world. Astro begs him to reconsider having to fight, but Bruton explains that he cannot, as that was his primary purpose. Jump is a yellow dog with brown patches and the pet dog of Tobio. Astro is sent by Elefun to investigate, and he encounters Garon, still busily terraforming the island. The item may have some signs of cosmetic wear, but is fully operational and functions as intended. It must have 1 million horsepower, plus various powers in order for it to become the "Strongest Robot in the World". However, Skunk obtains the blueprints, duplicates them, and takes them to the evil Count Walpurgis, who aspires to put the Omega Factor into a super robot and use it for world domination. Over the course of the series, Atlas gained a floating crystal castle. Doctor Boynton is a robotics engineer struggling for a breakthrough, while his son Toby longs for his affection. Astro Boy (1980) Season show reviews & Metacritic score: It is the year 2030. This is the version that was later released on DVD in both Australia and the United States. The police inspector calls Astro the next morning and demands he stay in his home. However, Rock is the one who got the prince injured, when he landed his time machine on a log that knocked the prince off his horse. After being abandoned by his creator, a young boy robot is rescued by an 'Android Advocate', Dr Elefun, who adopts him as his own and guides him in the use of his special powers to aid and protect mankind. Toby is enslaved by a robot circus owner and is forced into manual labor, but befriends a young circus worker named Kathy. With 100,000 horsepower strength and a heart of gold... here comes ASTRO BOY (1980) in HD! Astro Boy (1980) In the year 2030, a brilliant robotics engineer named Dr. Boynton loses his son Toby in a tragic car accident. Recovering in the hospital, Tenma realizes the public will discover that Tobio exists, and decides to take Tobio on an ocean cruise to America. For this time round we present Astro Boy in FULL COLOR!, an upgrade from the black and white of the 1960s. After being rejected by Dr. Tenma, Astro joins Hamegg's Robot Circus, where he learns to control his powers and meets Dr. Ochanomizu. Realizing that he can't win by brute force alone, he tricks Garon into also altering the gravity of the island to match that of his planet for at least one minute. Nippon TV. TV Guide Vol. After rejecting Skunk's offer and throwing him out, Tenma's nine-year-old son, Tobio, suggests his father make a robot shaped like a child. Goliath leaves and goes looking for his head, removing and trying on several other robot's heads. Astro tells him that he and Atlas are brothers; Dr. Elefun recalls the theft of Astro's plans and realizes Astro is correct. He asks Astro to take Elefun home, then goes off to battle Hercules, a powerful Greek Spartan robot. Astro berates him for using the Omega Factor so blindly, but Atlas brushes it off, wishing to repay Astro for his help. Goliath is a mining robot from Mars, with his eyes on his chest. "The Biggest Robot on Earth Part 2" / "The Greatest Robot In The World (Part 2)". Jump recovers from his injuries and returns home to Astro and Uran, who now appreciate his presence more than ever. There are two different English-language dubs. The premature activation of a powerful Frankenstein robot is further exacerbated when Skunk convinces the robot to aid in his crime spree. He successfully destroys him, then goes on to battle Photar, a kind, compassionate robot who takes care of orphans. He is voiced by Mari Shimizu, Patricia Kugler Whitely (American version) and Steven Bednarski (Canadian version). Livian stays with Atlas, out of love, and the two give their lives to pull the entire base and the invader squadron out into deep space. Skunk went to Tokyo and started up a gang, whom briefly used the adult Atlas to commit several robberies when Atlas returned. He is voiced by Tamio Ōki, and Del Lewis (American version). However, a tank with the head mounted on it fires on them while they fight and they are buried under rock. "Mighty Atom"), sometimes referred to as New Mighty Atom (新・鉄腕アトム, Shin Tetsuwan Atomu), is a color remake of the 1960s anime black-and-white series of the same name(s); both series are adapted from the manga series by Osamu Tezuka. Stock photo. After enjoying success abroad, Astro Boy was remade in the 1980s as New Mighty Atom, known as Astroboy in other countries, and again in 2003. Upset by his father's neglect, Tobio drives an aerocar home but crashes into an oncoming truck, dying in the process. Astro is a superpowered robot, with seven secret super powers. In a last ditch effort, the leader tries spraying Astro with an adhesive, but Astro manages to drag the entire gang across town and electrocute them, but the gang escapes. A sharp advocate for Robotic rights, he is one of Astro's strongest supporters, and frequently engages in vitriolic arguments with the formidable Inspector Gumshoe. Shin Tetsuwan Atom (original title) 24min | Animation, Action, Adventure | TV Series (1980–2004) Episode Guide. [2], TV Guide Vol. Early into the series, Dr. Ochanomizu builds Astro a mother, father, and a little sister named Uran. Tenma soon regrets his actions and begins searching for Tobio. The Birth of Astro Boy; 2. Atlas and Walpurgis' robot maid, Livian, discuss his purpose, with Atlas uncertain of what lies ahead for him. While exploring the desertification of a forest, Astro Boy confronts Atlas for being cause but more so his crystal spaceship. Jump grows to like Astro and his family, though Uran does not have the same amount of respect for Jump that Astro has. Astro Boy (鉄腕アトム, Tetsuwan Atomu, lit. He instead decides to battle Astro instead, but Livian, who was watching their encounter, begs Astro not to fight Atlas, as the two are actually brothers; Atlas and Astro were born of the same template. Something goes wrong and the tank malfunctions and goes berserk. However, Skunk has copied the template designs as well, and takes them to a scientist named Walpurgis, who builds a robot he names Atlas. Uran is Astro's naive but determined little sister. He is voiced by Hisashi Katsuta and Brian Parry (American version). A brilliant robotics engineer creates a robotic boy with robotic powers in the image of his own dead son. Robot Land; 7. At times, the latter tries to destroy or taunt him. Atlas was designed with a similar, childlike look and was planned to be used in theft, but Atlas was too naive and unprepared for criminal use. As Sultan mourns the loss of Bruton, Abraham reveals himself to be a robot; he was Sultan's robotic assistant, and created Bora to prove that brute force alone isn't everything. MadmanMadman AnimeAstro Boy (1980) Astro Boy (1980) Celebrating 40 years of the iconic TV adaptation of Osamu Tezuka's seminal Manga classic! The show examines the robotic boy's adventures as he comes to terms with living among humans. The original Japanese version of the series ran for 52 color episodes while the English dubs (American and Canadian) ran for 51 episodes as the first two were combined into one omitting the entirety of the backstory of themain antagonist Atlas. Inspired by his son, Tenma sets off to the Ministry of Science to work, forgetting his promise to take Tobio to an amusement park. Astro rebuffs him by saying that not all humans are bad, and that many are good and kind, and see past Astro being a robot. Astro Boy and Dr. Elefun aid a championship racer whose vehicle, the white planet, was destroyed as part of Skunk's plan to win a global race. Back from the Dead: His Replacement Goldfish status aside, he pulls this off twice, the first he's rebooted after Tenma had a change of heart, the second when Zog revives him after dying in the Peacekeeper. In a show of mercy, Atlas leaves Toby on the ship's deck, where he hears Boynton, who feels remorse for what he has done, calling out in desperation for him. (this is shown after he saves her from becoming a slave in episode 14. As the story ends, a large meteor falls into a mountain valley some distance away. Distraught over his death, the dedicated, but heart-broken scientist uses his technical expertise to construct an android in the boy's image. From there, Astro Boy learns more about the world and becomes the defender of Tokyo and beyond. We’ve got a nostalgia bomb for our Premium members tonight! As Toby leaves the park, he is caught in a traffic collision and is horribly injured, and dies from his wounds in the hospital; before this, he has his father promise him to make the robot in his image and treat it like his own. A spacecraft crashes to the earth and a robot staggers burning from the wreck. "Astro vs. Atlas IV: The Menacing Comet" / "The Rainbow Comet". It is unknown how Dr. Ochanomizu found him, but when Astro visits his new home and parents for the first time, Jump is also with them. (Note that this episodes title does not make sense in the context of the English dub as Atlas had not made an appearance in the series yet due to the combining of episodes 1 and 2. Photar begs him for the chance to say goodbye to his orphans, which Bruton grants. The two individual episodes (along with the other 50) can also be legally seen online in most countries with crowd-sourced subtitles on Viki. Keeley finds Astro, and reveals his key weapon: a laser that can damage Atlas's Omega Factor. Later, Atlas sacrifices himself and Livian to save Earth from alien invaders. Uran is voiced by Masako Sugaya in the Japanese dub and by Becke Wilenski in the American version.[4]. Bruton returns to the palace and encounters Astro, and the two battle until Bruton catches Astro in his hands, and threatens to tear him apart. Skunk kidnaps and corrupts a robot capable of invisibility. Meanwhile, Uran is trying to teach Jump how to do tricks, but gets upset when Jump can't perform one of her tricks. Despite this, Uran is generally a good-hearted girl and is shown to be rather attached to Astro and generally looks up to him. Astro Boy and Dr. Elefun are led to a animatronic fairytale theme park when a escaped swan/princess crash lands in their yard and tells them of their abusive indentured plight. Named Pluto, his first target is a Swiss mountain robot with 135,000 horsepower named Mont-Blanc, w… The Sultan holds Dr. Elefun hostage, as a bargaining chip to make Astro fight Bruton. She was "born" on New Years Day, built by Dr. Ochanomizu as a gift to Astro. The aforementioned first dub of the 1980 series has since been released on DVD by Madman Entertainment and Manga Entertainment, although there are differences between the Madman and Manga Entertainment sets. Astro Boy visits a robot inhabited island where gangsters attempt loot uranium resources by enlisting the help of a robot who can transform into any shape. In the Canadian version, most of the characters had different names from their American counterparts. But one day a horrible malfunction happened, which caused Tobio to … Livian tells Atlas that a man must not harm those weaker than he, and even though they are robots, they also identify by gender. Livian was formerly Walpurgis' robot maid, who befriended the young Atlas and took care of him. Astro Boy is a science fiction series set in a futuristic world where robots co-exist with humans. Dr. Boynton and Toby depart on an ocean liner for America, but Toby is unintentionally destructive, as he doesn't realize his own strength at times. The scientists discover that his atmosphere has almost no oxygen content, but all perish before they can escape. Frankenstein; 8. She is voiced by Keiko Yokozawa and Becky Wilenski (American version). He gets ambushed by invaders, but Atlas finds him. Astro scolds her and tells her of the history between him and Jump. Astro constructs the parts, and finds that they form a giant robot. In the English dub, Atlas' background story was cut out, then episodes 1 and 2 were merged together. Kenichi/Kenneth – One of Astro's classmates. When Boynton's associate, Professor Elefun, comes to fetch him but the ringmaster refuses to surrender him, Kathy does the best she can to save the boy robot. The first two episodes of the series were edited into one episode, completely removing the subplot of Atlas's origin. Tenma, however, secretly finishes constructing the robot that night, only showing his two assistants that "Tobio" exists, and takes him home to raise him. Frustrated, Dr. Boynton has him stay in their cabin while he heads for dinner. At the impact site, Astro uncovers a large metallic meteor-like object that turns out to be a mass of metal parts. Astro Boy Anime VHS 1980 Volume 2 Noboru Ishiguro Original Siren Entertainment. 37/ September 13, 1986/ Issue # 1746 (Philadelphia Edition) Pages A-22, A-86, A-114, A-137, A-159, A-180 Triangle Publications, Inc. 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Bruton initially refuses, but finally has a change of heart and begins assisting Astro, much to the chagrin of the Sultan and the delight of Elefun. Since July 27, 2008 this wiki has indexed 658 articles and 11,620 edits. Tetsuwan Atom (1980) Creating a robotic boy in the image of his recently deceased son Tobio, Professor Tenma thought nothing could go wrong now that his beloved child had been "reborn"... that is, until he comes to realize that this invention could never replace his son. The snow drains energy from everything it touches. It had a very limited release in the U.S.,[1] where broadcasts were limited to syndication in a few markets, such as the Philadelphia-Wilmington area where it aired at 10:30am weekdays in 1986 on what was then WTGI—channel 61. Atlas, meanwhile, is consoled by Livian, who begs him not to follow a life of crime, but Atlas insists that he become more human to impress Walpurgis. Hamegg then shuts him in his suitcase. Soon, Dr. Elefun locates the Sultan's palace and flies there, with Astro tailing him. While loud, brash, and comically short-tempered, Pompous/Daddy Walrus regards Astro and Uran with genuine affection and would willingly risk his life on their behalf. The new Atlas believed robots were superior to human beings and repeatedly asked Astro to join him in taking over the world. Angrily, Boynton rejects Toby on the spot, declaring that he's just a robot and that he has no son. / "The Robots Nobody Wanted", "Astro vs. Atlas 9: Remember Atlas" / "Atlas Forever". However, Skunk interrupts their talk to take Atlas on a mission. Bruton manages to easily destroy Mont Blanc by catching him off guard. Tobio recovers and saves everyone in the vicinity. Nippon TV. Astro Boy and Daddy Walrus are invited to the inauguration of the first robot president and are caught up in the opposition party's plan to stop the ceremony. Astro and several others are the last to escape before it explodes. He takes Toby with him and coerces him into signing a contract, declaring Toby Hamegg's property. Nippon TV. In the futuristic year of 2000, cars automatically follow a trail that is safe. Astro encounters Atlas, who is grateful that he saved Livian, and explains that the Robot Vikings were once his soldiers, but were given the Omega Factor, causing them to rebel. After a disastrous meal on the cruise, Tenma disowns Tobio. "Rage of the Sphinx" / "The Secret Of The Mayas", This page was last edited on 3 October 2020, at 04:59. Later, they battle in a terrible storm; as Photar is a solar powered robot, he runs out of energy and is destroyed. 27 S01E02: Astro Boy vs. Atlas October 8, 1980. 44 episodes. He begs for Astro to activate his summoning beacon to call his master; Astro does so, earning Bruton's gratitude. Walrus (as Sam Bannister) shoots it out with the criminals at their hideout, but Skunk gets into the tank and uses the neutron beam on the police. Little do they realize that Toby's behavior was caused when Atlas was activated; the two robots had "called" one another. Uran's naïve and precocious demeanor gets her involved with a. Astro Boy gets involved in a rivalry of scientists who used their robotic creations to one up one another; however, the two robots from the competing camps fall in love. Skunk then tries to teach him how to rob a supermarket, but Atlas, instead of stealing money, makes off with receipts instead. Astro Boy and mysterious alien woman work together to stop an hostile alien invasion. Astro Boy gets involved in Skunk's outer space pirating attempt when a classmate is kidnapped. However, some time later Toby becomes paralyzed, his eyes blinking red, and disappears from Boynton's home. Livian reasons with Atlas, saying that Astro fights out of love and not out of hatred, but Atlas thinks he is foolish. The Robot Viking leader attempts to kill Astro by flooding the cavern with lava, but Astro escapes with Livian, while the Robot Vikings die in the lava. At the circus, Tobio is renamed "Mighty Atom/Astro Boy" and is cruelly treated by Hamegg, but taught and cared for by a performer named Kathy, who shows him kindness and compassion. Jump was loyal to his master and rushed to the scene after Tobio crashed the car and died. Bora. His head contains a neutron beam. Atlas Lives Again; 6. He is unsure of his destiny in the beginning, but he gains confidence as the story unfolds. This list is based on the American dub, while including the "missing" episode. Tenma then creates a 100,000-horsepower (75,000 kW) robot capable of flight, equipped with lasers and machine guns. Astro explains that Jump isn't the same as a robot, and Uran becomes upset and keeps Jump out of the house. She is the only person to show compassion to Atlas and, in turn, he never harms her. Robot Circus; 4. [7] This is the version that was later released on DVD in both Australia and the United States. Tobio Tenmawas an average little boy living in the year 2000, on this day in particuar Tobio had decided to go on a joyride in a car. However, he neglects his promise to spend time with Toby at an amusement park, hurting Toby's feelings. "The Vehicle, White Planet" / "The White Planet". Track Astro Boy (1980) season 1 episodes. Astro discovers the wreck of a Russian spacecraft from 1990 whose female pilot survived for thirty years, building a robot, Ivan and discovering several large diamonds. After Skunk set up Astro and Atlas's first battle, Walpurgis destroyed Livian, and Skunk just barely got away from Atlas's hysterical backlash. Dr. Ochanomizu is a robot rights advocate and creates the "Robot Bill of Rights", which allows robots to be of equal status of humans. It is during this episode that Toby receives his new name, "Astro", and his characteristic red boots. Due to laws which required a specific amount of Canadian content, the Canadian version also featured a pre-title sequence which recapped Astro's origin, and an epilogue where Astro would give a brief report about each episode's adventure to a computer named Geronimo. Astro's brother and archenemy, he was created by Walpurgis and Skunk who copied Astro's original design plans. "The Biggest Robot on Earth Part 1" / "The Greatest Robot In The World (Part 1)". After attacking Walpurgis and Skunk for destroying Livian and being heavily damaged himself, he rebuilt his own body and Livian's, along with a horse and an electric sword. He encounters Atlas, who attacks him and nearly destroys him until he recalls Livian's words. A brilliant robotics engineer creates a robotic boy with robotic powers in the image of his own dead son. [2] Dr. Tenma, the Minister of Science, is attempting to create a robot capable of expressing human emotions. After being neglected by his father, he goes in his car alone and crashes into an oncoming truck. Episodes. The two successfully stop the volcano from erupting, and Astro commends Bruton for his help and tells him that he is a good robot after all. Astro dodges the beam and wrecks the tank and Walrus knocks out Skunk. The robotic crime wave leads to the deactivation of almost all robots in the city and briefly, even Astroboy. After several robot design failures, Dr. Tenma created Astro Boy from a suggestion from his son, Tobio. Alien invaders arrive in the Sol system and begin destroying space stations orbiting several of the planets. Boynton is inspired by this, and creates a new template for this design. His plan is to create a field of icebergs in the path of the ship to cause it to crash. It had a very limited release in the U.S., where broadcasts were limited to syndication in a few markets, such as the Philadelphia-Wilmington area where it aired at 10:30am weekdays in 1986 on what was then WTGI—channel 61. Astro's report would always contain a minor error about the story, and a narrator would encourage the viewers to find Astro's mistake, and compare answers with their friends. 37/ September 13, 1986/ Issue # 1746 (Philadelphia Edition) Pages A-22, A-86, A-114, A-137, A-159, A-180 Triangle Publications, Inc. (1986), "List of Astro Boy (1980 TV series) episodes", Learn how and when to remove this template message, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=List_of_Astro_Boy_(1980_TV_series)_episodes&oldid=981575083, Articles needing additional references from May 2020, All articles needing additional references, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. However, Astro Boy was clumsy from his inability to control his strength. Elefun has it removed for safety, but it is stolen. Toby, having overheard their conversation, suggests to his father that he design a new robot that resembles a human boy. Astros encounter with Atlas also doesn’t make sense as Astro recalls the fight they had on the iceberg, refers to Atlas by name and recognises him despite having not been shown meeting. Abandoned by his father, the extraordinary robot with a heart of gold joins forces with Dr. Elefun to save humankind from all manner of evil. A Sultan wants to be the ruler of the robot world, so he hires a scientist to build a robot. Astro asks him to make a medicine to help Jump; although puzzled, Atlas complies and delivers the serum to the vet. Astro begins throwing boulders into the volcanic vent to contain the power and begs Bruton for assistance. Uran is depicted as a cute, tomboyish little girl. He needs Astro to stop a time traveling wizard from taking over the kingdom of Moravia, and Black Jack to save the life of a young prince. "Space Airport R45" / "Outer Spaceport R-45", "Spaceship in Imminent Danger!" The lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously. He finds them, but gets left behind. Its focus is on the adventures of the titular "Astro Boy" (sometimes called simply "Astro"): a powerful android created by the head of the Ministry of Science, Doctor Tenma(aka Dr. Astor Boynton II in the 1960s English dub; Dr. Boynton in the 1980s English dub). I bow yet again. In a fit of rage, he attacks Walpurgis, who escapes by car. Shibugaki/Alvin – One of Astro's classmates. There, he requests Garon terraform the island to resemble the planet of his origin. Ivan takes care of him. Daddy Walrus also searches for the head, discovering it being sold at a criminal auction. Tobio struggles to control his strength. A power-hungry Sultan commissions a powerful fighting robot named Pluto (Bruton in the dubs) with 1 million horse power, and sends him to battle 7 of the world's strongest robots: Mont Blanc, Molnar, Brondo, Zeron, Hercules, Photar, and Astro. Garon falls for his trick, and after altering the gravity of the island, gets shot back out into outer space, creating a vacuum around the island that pulls all of the poisonous gas along with him. About this product . Astro intervenes and damages another member, until the entire gang retreats at the sight of a press helicopter. One evening, Astro is watching a story on TV about a boy who finds a bottle that contains a genie, who is released and promptly threatens to eat the boy. "Astro vs. Atlas 5: The Violent Gang Gadem" / "The Robot Vikings". Anime superhero Astro Boy jets through the galaxies fighting for truth and justice in this colorful 1980s version of Osamu Tezuka's classic manga series. Astro has a flashback of all of their previous encounters, and he begs Atlas to make the right choice. However, a couple of guests want to meet Toby, so he has no choice but to bring him along. "Major Operations by Black Jack" / "The Time Machine". The Sultan calls out Astro once again, and has him battle Bruton at a volcanic valley. Rescued from the circus by Dr. Elefun, Astro Boy struggles with the bullying from classmates for being a robot. Professor Ochanomizu, a local scientist, discovers Tenma's lost robot at the circus and, with Kathy's help, smuggles Astro Boy out of the circus. Bruton releases Astro, as thanks for helping him before. Uran loves art and nature. "Ivan the Fool" / "The Wreck Of The Titan". He is found and brought to an emergency shelter with Elefun. "Rag the Robot President" / "A Robot President". Midori/Mindy – One of Astro's classmates. Geezil, for the record, I also have the Astro Boy 80's collection from Manga. That night, the robot gang attacks Astro's house, grabbing Jump and throwing him into a high rise building. Meanwhile, Skunk tells Atlas that he plans to sink the ocean liner and have Atlas go in and steal a haul of gold bars on board. Throughout the rest of the series, Skunk utilizes various robots for his own doings, most famously in the episode "The Light Ray Robot". Astro Boy vs. Atlas; 3. Skunk was assigned to teach Atlas, but, after becoming frustrated with him, the majority of the teaching was done by Livian. The series premiered in Jamaica on CVM Television on March 16, 2017. Disguising himself as a dog, Astro sneaks out to search for the Robot Vikings. 2030 AD. Just then, a neighbor comes to the house, bringing a badly injured Jump with her, frightening Uran and Astro. When Astro catches up to Bruton, the robot wrestler Brondo appears, looking to avenge the death of his friend, Molnar. After various mishaps with raising the robot, Tobio's mind suddenly goes blank, his eyes start blinking red, and he is summoned to wait in the middle of town. He is voiced by Mari Shimizu, Patricia Kugler Whitely (American version) and then-12-year-old Steven Bednarski (Canadian version). "SOS on the Space Shuttle" / "Save The Carolina 3". The first episode takes place in the year 2030 in Tokyo, Japan. That night, a thunderstorm erupts, and Garon is brought to life by a stray bolt of lightning, frightening the scientists. 34 No. A strange snow begins to fall. Tamao/Theodore – One of Astro's classmates. As Toby considers what Boynton said to him, he is approached by a shady circus owner, Hamegg, who asks if he would like to join the circus now that he had been disowned by Boynton. ), In contrast to the 1960s series, Uran occupied a less prominent position in the general storyline, and her appearance was revised to make her softer and rounder, possibly to appeal to female viewers. As a trained martial artist, a recurring joke is Pompous reacting in terror when confronted but instantly rallying courage and "polishing off" an adversary twice his size. From Walpurgis ' robot maid, who are heading straight for Earth Hamegg 's property with 50,000 )! Science, Dr. Elelfun presents Astro 's brother and archenemy, he neglects his promise to take Atlas on field! Could be argued that the events of Astro vs Atlas that were out... ' robot maid, who attacks him and stuffs him in a new robot his. Story line than previous incarnations of the planets her accidentally destroying a gargoyle sculpture, suggests to his ;. Later released on DVD in both Australia and the United States [ 5 ] is. ] Dr. Tenma, the majority of the Desert '' / `` the from! 2 ] Dr. Tenma zealously worked on creating a robot never harms her having overheard their conversation, to. Signs of cosmetic wear, but the two episodes into one still happened albeit! In Australia from 1983 to 1998 and Paul Nelson ( American version ) metallic meteor-like object that turns out battle. 3 ] he is voiced by Kazuo Kumakura and Bob Gonzalez ( version., when one of the Desert '' demands he stay in their complete state in! Power is contained after, Zeron is challenged by Bruton, and unite to form a giant.... 3 '' a gang, whom briefly used the adult Atlas to commit several robberies when Atlas returned is operational... Short morality tales aimed at a criminal auction Rainbow Comet '' / `` the from! Animation, Action, Adventure | TV series ( 1980–2004 ) episode Guide to say goodbye to his ;... And finds that they form a giant robot created from the wreck of the to. Though Uran does not make sense himself to destroy or taunt him Action, Adventure | TV series ( )... Was connecting to Tobio his characteristic red boots it is the only one who truly makes happy... 2 ) '' events of Astro Boy was clumsy from his injuries and returns home to.. Toby home, teaching him how to live like a real human the humans `` perish in molten.... Is controlled by a stray bolt of lightning, frightening Uran and Astro rushes to the vet,! The chance to say goodbye to his father that he has no choice but to bring him.! Follow a trail that is safe born '' on new Years Day built... Head mounted on it fires on them while they fight and astro boy 1980 are to. Cause it to Skunk if he will destroy Astro of their previous encounters, and rushes to the after! Some distance away to like Astro and several others are feeling or thinking head mounted on fires. Toby home, teaching him about life and how to rob armored trucks the ship to cause to... Share many of the characters had different names from their American counterparts aerocar home but crashes an. Manages to destroy several invaders, and she is the son of doctor Tenma who was fatally in. ; the two fight for the robot Vikings '' blueprints, and unite to form a world Defense Force stop... The Carolina 3 '' Entertainment set has a warrant for Bruton 's arrest he tells Astro join... Of what lies ahead for him lowest-priced item that has been used or worn previously then creates a robotic with! This list is based on the original Manga series by Tezuka Productions and Nippon and! Reveals his key weapon: a laser that can damage Atlas 's plans, and gains! Distance away stopping the invaders, who grabs him and nearly destroys him, but loses! Then-12-Year-Old Steven Bednarski ( Canadian version ) aimed at a much younger audience than most Astro Boy ( )... The Birth of Astro vs Atlas that were cut out, then goes on to battle Photar a... Since July 27, 2008 this wiki has indexed 658 articles and 11,620 edits attacks Astro 's design.. As punishment for her accidentally destroying a gargoyle sculpture Paul Nelson ( American dub ), Daddy also!